Ross and Carrie Meet David Steward: Seventh Day Adventist Edition

The apocalypse. The Antichrist. Satan. Hell. If you listened to our Amazing Facts investigation, you know that those seminars focus on some pretty brutal topics. So we're pleased to bring you this interview with Amazing Facts instructor David Steward, the most mild-mannered guy who ever warned you about the Antichrist. He graciously accepted our invitation to discuss his seminars, some Seventh Day Adventist theology, Ross' newfound vegetarianism, and our approach to investigating religions. Join us for a very special and not-at-all kooky episode.

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Ross Meets Emery and Don


What happens when one investigator, one standup comedian, and one paleontologist sit down to talk about evolution? Find out when Ross meets with famed fossil expert Donald Prothero and notorious standup comic Emery Emery, to talk creation science, American education, and the silliest museums in the US. Subliminal messages and optimistism included.

For more on fossils, evolution, and the 'controversy' in American education, see Dr. Prothero's book: Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters

And to hear more from Emery Emery, tune into his show, the Ardent Atheist

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Ross and Carrie Meet Brian!


Everybody's doing it! Mormonism is in the air, with Carrie and Ross getting baptised and becoming members of the LDS Church (in episodes 4 and 5), and now our theme music composer and the star of the hit web series Mr. Deity sits down to talk with us about his Mormon upbringing, subsequent departure from the faith, and his life today as an atheist. Find out about Brian's special underwear (yes!), a top-secret handshake, what ultimately put the nail in the coffin of his beliefs, and how he handles a bad hair day, in this interview with special guest Brian Keith Dalton.

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Ross and Carrie Go Mormon (Part 2): What, No Underwear?


In Part 1, your favorite co-hosts spent more than five months learning about Mormon doctrine, taking classes with theirmissionaries, and attending three-hour church services before biting the bullet and asking to get baptized. In Part 2 of their Mormon journey, Ross and Carrie get dunked, receive the Holy Spirit, take vows of chastity, swear off hot drinks, and become official members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And then… they tell their missionaries what brought them to church in the first place.

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Ross and Carrie Try Kabbalah: Did You Know The Sun is Green?


Check out our first episode! Ross and Carrie attend a lecture at the Kabbalah Center of Los Angeles, ask probing questions, and learn some curious things about the universe.

We apologize for the echoechoechos towards the end, but we will fix up all your hearing problems in our next episode!

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