Ross and Carrie Get Rich Slow(ly): Michael Schaffer Interview Edition


Podcaster and experienced real estate flipper Michael Schaffer discusses with us the ins and outs of ethical house flipping, and examines what the Real Estate Wealth Expo presenters might be doing behind closed doors... er, internet tabs... er, you get it. Plus, we get a crash course in tax liens and stocks, and realize we will never be billionaires.

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Ross and Carrie Get Rich Quick (Part 3): Sound of Love Edition


Ross and Carrie clap, shout, and massage their way into the next hour of Tony Robbins' motivational talk. They attempt to make the sound of falling in love (without creeping out their neighbors), get to know their customers better than they know themselves (hi, Ethel), and try their luck at Heart Math. It's the end of their time at the Real Estate Wealth Expo, but the first day of the rest of their lives. YEAH! WOO! ME TIME!

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Ross and Carrie Get Rich Quick (Part 2): Fake Clapping Edition


Ross and Carrie continue their wealth education when they attend another few hours of the Real Estate Wealth Expo, the largest (and only?) Real Estate Wealth Expo in the U.S. They hear from one of Carrie's favorite sharks, and learn that the best way to keep your wealth is to not-lose-money. Then, the moment we've all been waiting for: Tony Robbins appears in a blast of fire, and begins the process of changing our lives, by OWNING us. Don't miss this episode or you will RUIN your LIFE! GO GO GO! LISTEN! VICTORY! 

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