Ross and Carrie Count on Numerology: 200th Episode Edition


Eight years after they aired their first episode, Ross and Carrie hit their landmark 200th episode, a fundamentally arbitrary number, but characterized by roundness and having a base of 10! In celebration of this nearly inexplicable numerical achievement, they visit the only person who can explain it: L.A.'s preeminent numerologist who will give each of them a personalized reading and tell them their personality type, emotional needs, and fundamental life purpose. Plus, a special announcement from special guest Drew Spears, for everyone in L.A.

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Ross and Carrie Ring in the Apocalypse: Forerunner Ministries International Edition


Ross and Carrie are invited to a church that believes a major apocalypse event is coming on September 23rd. So they show up on September 22nd, sing and dance their hearts out, watch some very bad faith healing, and hear very little about the constellations that are currently aligning and heralding the return of Jesus. Will a man-child be born? Is the Lord doing something great in Victorville? Will the world end on September 23rd, 2017? WILL IT?! Find out in this exciting episode! (Or just check a calendar.)

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