Ross and Carrie Review 2011: The Apocryphal Apocalypse


As 2011 slams the money down on the coffee table and tells us to get the hell outta here, we bid a fond farewell with a salute to this year’s investigations. Ross and Carrie fill us in on what’s been happening with hypnotherapy, ayurveda, the Mormons and more, in the final episode of 2011. And they take questions from Roger Nygard of The Nature of Existence,Mr. Deity stars Brian Keith Dalton and Jarrett Kaufman, and you (yes, you!) the loyal listener. Boy, howdy!

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Show Notes:

Bag of Holding - The Mormon Temple Visitor's Center

Ross and Carrie Try Kabbalah: Did You Know The Sun is Green?


Check out our first episode! Ross and Carrie attend a lecture at the Kabbalah Center of Los Angeles, ask probing questions, and learn some curious things about the universe.

We apologize for the echoechoechos towards the end, but we will fix up all your hearing problems in our next episode!

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