Ross and Carrie Meet the Aliens: Extra Terrestrial Meditation Edition

Ross and Carrie attend a guided meditation that will shoot them into space so they can have a close encounter with "positively aligned extra terrestrial races" who are helping Earth evolve to a higher plane of existence. For only $11, they will meet a breed of cat gods, learn about the secret space programs run by the U.S. government, discover which famous family is secretly a group of reptiles, and find out why aliens love to visit casinos.

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Ross and Carrie Find Their Rythmia (Part 6): Amorous Yogurt Edition


It's Wednesday morning at Rythmia, and Ross and Carrie are well on their way to spiritual wholeness. They head off to find out what question they are the answer to, and to improve their relationships through love gardening. Then the two of them head off to find the ocean and MEET DOGS! Plus, water hears your thoughts, yogurt experiences love, and an influx of Australians is nothing short of a miracle.

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