Ross and Carrie Meet Brother Sage

Ross and Carrie talk with Brother Sage, a Urine Therapy practitioner of over two decades and author of the book Healing Water From Within. Brother Sage explains his calling from Shiva, the reasons he will live forever, the many ways he uses his own pee, what Christians don't understand about communion, and whether or not you should spray urine on bus seats. All this and more in a fun and unpredictable interview!

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Ross and Carrie, Urine Trouble (Part 2): Pee-Swap Edition


Ross and Carrie have been fire cupped, acupunctured, colonically cleansed, detoxed, oil pulled, reiki'd, and exorcised. But once they had done urine therapy, they had reached the peak of their unusual (and in this case, disgusting) experiences. OR HAD THEY? Can Ross and Carrie find a way to one-up drinking your own pee? Find out as they review Ross' experience drinking his urine, and soaking his foot in days-old urine to cure his eczema. Then, they find a way to make the situation worse for no good reason.

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