• Who are you guys?

Our names are Ross and Carrie, and we’re a couple of curious investigators who love asking questions about spirituality, fringe science, religion and the paranormal. We're also good friends. 

  • Why do you get up in people’s bidnass?

We believe that everyone wants to know the truth, and that it’s a sign of respect to engage people honestly about their beliefs. We’re always happy to learn new things and change our perspective, provided there’s good evidence and hot drinks.

  • When did your podcast start?

Our first episode launched on March 10th, 2011.

  • I want you to investigate something. How can I tell you?

E-mail us at info@ohnopodcast.com, or use our "Recommend an Investigation" form.

  • Where can I listen to past episodes?

You can use the search function on this page, or go to our oldest episode: LINK! Just start there and keeping going forward.

  • How do I support you?

You become a member at maximumfun.org!

  • Where can I get your RSS feed?


  • Where can I find your show on iTunes?


  • I used to like your show, but then I heard this latest episode, and now I don't, and I want to talk to you about it.

Hm. We get about one of you a month.

Have you ever written to the director of a movie you didn't like that much? Us neither.

  • Crevice and crevasse are different words.

We know.